75 – Cerdic and Cynric: A Story of… well… Probably Farmers

Alright, so when we left off, Cerdic and his son had recently arrived on the island and the Battle of Mons Badonicus had just taken place. So that’s exciting. And Gildas says that it was followed by peace, and procopius tells us that Germans were fleeing from Britannia as late as about 30 years later. And from the archaeological record, and the scattered references in written texts, it doesn’t seem like there were a lot of military warbands invading… but rather, as we will discuss in this episode, this looks more like farmers who were migrating. And this might have been happening for quite some time, since we’re told the Saxons had been landing on British shores for at least 100 years.

And actually, when we look at the written record, it seems like, even though Gildas claimed that the period after Mons Badonicus was peaceful, that things were going on. So lets go to the point after Mons Badonicus and talk about what we’re told was happening.

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  1. I believe “sub-Roman” is the term that’s used for the Romano-British after 410 ad. Here’s an interesting article about the discovery of a stone with Latin letters from the 6th century near Cornwall. So as you’ve outlined in your very interesting podcast, there were still communities using Latin well after the Fall. Can’t wait for your next installment.


    • Old habits die hard… I’ve been saying “Romano-British” for so long, it’s tough to stop. ;)

      • My post wasn’t meant to criticize your choice of words, just to draw some attention to evidence of a continuing Roman culture in 6th century Britannia. Can’t wai for your next podcast!

  2. I care about the Jutes. I wote for a JuteCast series.

  3. Hey man, Jutes are cool! Like fezes and bowties.

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