Membership Drive: Partnering with the NTSUSA

The National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA is partnering up with the British History Podcast!

This is huge for us! And it’s also huge for Members! If you are a US Resident and become a Yearly Member (or when your Yearly Membership Renews next year) you will get a complimentary year with the National Trust of Scotland Foundation USA! This means that in addition to keeping the this project going, and of course getting Member material (like bonus episodes on Celtic myths, King Arthur, and other interesting tidbits), you’ll also get…

Free admission to over 129 properties owned by the National Trust for Scotland

Free admission to more than 300 properties in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland owned by The National Trust

Free admission to other worldwide properties, including The National Trust for Historic Preservation (USA), The Bermuda National Trust, Heritage Canada, The New Zealand Historic Places Trust, and The National Trust of Australia

Free subscription to Scotland in Trust, the NTS’s award-winning magazine

Free car parking at National Trust for Scotland sites when displaying your membership sticker

and Discount admission to Whisky Live ( and who doesn’t love Whisky?

This is a pretty big deal of the show, and I’m so excited that our scrappy little community has gotten the attention of such an important organization! Thanks everyone!

13 Responses to “Membership Drive: Partnering with the NTSUSA”

  1. Linda L Miller says:

    Jamie, I cancelled my monthly payments thru Amazon and changed to an annual payment. Will that mess up my cell phone app access?
    Linda (aka Lyn) Miller

  2. Related to Linda’s comment above: is the process she followed the correct way to convert from a Monthly to a Yearly?

  3. That’s a great offer but it appears the National Trust membership is only open to US residents. As a UK resident I shall now slope off and cry into my beer……………

    • I’m trying to extend it to UK members, and if I can get that extension I will submit all new UK yearly members for NTS membership. But in the meantime, you still get all the BHP members goodies AND some pretty snazzy buttons and stickers. :)

  4. Hi Jamie,

    I’m really excited about upgrading to the yearly membership but I signed up a long time ago through paypal. How would I go about switching? Should I cancel the paypal one and then follow the button on the site to amazon or is there a way to do it all from amazon?

    • Thank you for being such a longtime listener and supporter of the project! Yes, the best way to go about it is to cancel your PayPal membership and sign up for a yearly membership via my site ( I’ll update my spreadsheet and get you signed up for the extras, and your username/password and forum details will all stay the same. Should be pretty easy peasy. :) Thanks!

  5. Sharon Garner says:

    I just went to change mine to yearly and discovered that I had already done that back in June. So do I automatically get the benefits or does that wait until renewal next June? Oh, I did just cancel out the monthly which I also had but the yearly is still valid.

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