2 – Invasion of Giant Deer, Cannibals, and Celts!

We’re going to cover about 70,000 years in a single podcast!  Hold on to your seats for a fast paced primer that will get you ready for Caesar’s invasions!

Giant. Deer. Megaloceros indeed!

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  1. Just started listening to this podcast. Really good so far and the accent doesn’t bother me at all.

  2. Your lecture is fantastic, clear, and easy to follow.I would like learn more about the history of British, and especial when it become Great Britain. Also, I would ask you to post scripts of podcast because the English is my second language.

    • Thanks for listening, Joy! I’ll see what I can do about transcripts. The problem is that I tend to either simply go off notes, or if I’m working with a script I go off-script on tangents. Consequently, any script I put up wouldn’t track perfectly unless I wrote it after the fact, and that would require a bunch of work.

  3. Heavens, talk about a giant deer! Geez.

    Anyhow, just wanted to pop in and say hi, I just found your podcast and I love it. Can’t wait to listen to more!

  4. I love your podcast. I just found it last week and was able to download several episodes for a long trip out of state. It made long waits in airports much easier.
    A comment on the Celts. It helps to think of Celts as a language group rather than a united “people”. Yep, they spoke variations on the same language, but that did not ensure cohesion. Imagine that:)
    BTW, on the wonder of the internet. I was taught that Manx was a dead language, (yes, that was when I was in college, which was before the earth had cooled) but an internet search gave a UTube recording of the last native Manx speaker, and offers of Manx language lessions.
    Who knew?

  5. Just discovered your podcast, and am looking forward to working my way through, but I couldn’t suppress a groan at your mention of the druids and Stonehenge.

    The druids were, roughly speaking, the priestly and professional class among Celtic language speaking cultures which, as you point out, didn’t arrive until much later.

  6. I’m listening to these podcasts for the first time. My school history lessons (I’m in my 20s) were boring, and uninformative, and so I know very little about the history of the country I live in. Now I can finally catch up! Thanks for making these great podcasts! Also, RE the accent comment up there ^, I think it’s quite appropriate that you don’t have a BBC English voice, given the culturally eclectic nature of the Britain and its past.

  7. Mark West says:

    Just started listening. I’ve never had an interest in British History. I went to private school and history was about as interesting as latin. I went on to study Chemistry instead at Uni. I took an interest after reading ‘The Saxon Chronicles’ by Bernard Cornwell and i found one of your pod’s on Saxon history. I’m starting from the start now. Looking forward to getting clued up.

  8. Cassandra says:

    So glad I found this Podcast! Makes my morning and evening commutes to work wonderfully entertaining!

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