9 – Suetonius, Part-Time Mountain-Climber and Full-Time Jerk.

We’re going to discuss Didius, Suetonius, Cartimandua, and Romanization as we set up our next topic… Boudica!

4 Responses to “9 – Suetonius, Part-Time Mountain-Climber and Full-Time Jerk.”

  1. Brenda Owen Evans says:

    Very cool!!

  2. Thanks for listening, Brenda!

  3. Hello, Jamie! Could you help to recognize one word from this podcast. I’m Russian and my English is not very good. I can’t understand word on 9:25 and 20:30, it sounds for me like ‘sereals’.

    • Hmmm, at 9:30 (at least on my copy) I’m saying “The Silures of Wales”. They were a tribe who was pretty hostile to Rome.

      I’m not sure what word you’re referring to at 20:30. I’m just jabbering about Cartimandua and Venutius there. If you could write out what was being said with a blank spot for the word you don’t understand, I can probably fill it in for you.

      Thanks for listening!

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