46 – Breaking News on the Staffordshire Hoard

Many of you know about Sutton Hoo and it’s impact on Anglo Saxon studies. But the recently discovered Staffordshire Hoard is an archaeological find that dwarfs Sutton Hoo by magnitudes. Well, thanks to the efforts of Member Rick, we might be able to have an interview or two with experts on the find. So submit your questions at facebook.com/britishhistory, thebritishhistorypodcast.com/forum/, or directly to me at thebritishhistorypodcast@gmail.com

2 Responses to “46 – Breaking News on the Staffordshire Hoard”

  1. Kathy Carroll says:

    I heard on the second special that the find spans a number of centuries. Can you elaborate? What do the experts think that means?

  2. Ely Breckenridge says:

    I’m wondering if there are any ideas as to how the pieces were mangled and broken and if it was done deliberately, why?

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