54 – What Not To Wear: In The Dark Ages

Ok, so we are basically done with feasting and food in general. I could go into the construction of the feasting hall, and I might do that at a later date if it I get in a carpenter mood (or if there is a big hew and cry for that sort of information) but in general, I think we’re done with that aspect of the Dark Ages.

So what did you think? Looking back on what you thought about the Anglo Saxons and the Dark Ages, did your view change? I’m genuinely interested in what you thought about it before these episodes and what you think now. So if you are so inclined, please tell me about it on Facebook, Twitter, or the Forums. Or if you don’t want the world to see your comments, you can also email me directly at thebritishhistorypodcast@gmail.com But seriously, let me know. Maybe I’ll put together a short midweek episode where I read what you thought before and after if I get enough responses. It could be fun, and it’s another way that we can all interact together as a community. So please consider it.

And next up we are going to have a short discussion on another area of the Dark Ages that is rather misunderstood, or just ignored in general. Clothing.

14 Responses to “54 – What Not To Wear: In The Dark Ages”

  1. I’m about to listen to this podcast, but as a carpenter, I would love to hear about the construction of the feasting hall, and about medieval construction in general.

  2. Kathy Carroll says:

    The feasting didn’t do it for me. I know this is a very tough time to cover. But I’ll be glad to move on. I so appreciate you sense of humor and wisecracking, and I didn’t get as much during the three episodes.

  3. Don Knutson says:

    Are you planning to discuss the Viking invasions? As a Norwegian, I must have had a long ago relative or two in one of these bands of marauders.

  4. Peggy Sue McRae says:

    I’d be interested in construction/architecture especially in the context of other craft and art forms of the time. But I confess… Viking raiders sounds exciting!

  5. Hi Jamie,

    Have you ever heard about the clothes discovered here?

    I imagine they must be very similar to the clothing worn in Britain at the time.

  6. Apart from the feasting, which we can all agree is a good thing, I wonder if there is information about nutritional status at the time. Were people generally well fed, or were the majority malnourished? Were there major vitamin deficiencies? Somebody has probably examined remains from the time and looked for signs of major vitamin deficiencies, general calorie status etc.

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