75 – England Meetups and Award Nominations

You should come to The Black Swan Inn in York on November 25 at 5pm to meet up with me and Jamie Redfern of A History of Hannibal!

You should also come to The George Inn in London on December 1st at 5pm to meet up with me and Roifield Brown of How Jamaica Conquered the World.

It’ll be fun!

10 Responses to “75 – England Meetups and Award Nominations”

  1. Dennis Cejka says:

    If you have an extra large suitcase/steamer trunk you could stuff me in, I would be glad to come, LOL!

  2. I’ll try to make it along to The George as I’m a fan of both your podcasts. I’m still in the Roman episodes of yours but I’m bang up to date with Roifield’s. Whats going on on 1st December?

  3. Can’t make either of em but glad to see these meets are happening. The podcast’s come a long way! I’ll see what I can do next time something like this comes up (optismistic!).

  4. Peter Hollis says:

    I’m sorry to say I shall be on holiday so won’t be able to get to either of the meet-ups. Are you planning anything for the following week? And if it was in the Midlands that would be great!

  5. Terry Stone says:

    Oh dear, love you dearly, but have to call a contra dance in Galaxide, Greece tomorrow and don’t see getting there in time! Please come again, and plan on a stay in sunny Greece next time! We have lots of room right on the sea side of the med.

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