73 – And This Gives You Power Over Me?

Today we have murder, battles, ransacking, booze, greed, and shame.  No, it’s not an episode of The Tudors… it’s a return to the political story of Britain in the post-Roman period.

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  1. Hi Jamie,

    Can you make the picture a little bigger or zoomable?

  2. Not to be super picky, but I believe Frisian is pronounced “Free-zhun”. I have a couple friends who are Frisian-Canadians and that’s how they pronounce it.


  3. No new member shout-outs?

  4. Peggy Sue McRae says:

    Not that I am pestering you for more Scots casts (Please, please, pretty please) but… I’d love to know more about the Stone of Scone.

  5. Peggy Sue McRae says:

    Thanks! Loved exploring the Hoard but feel ready now to get back to battles and beheadings and such… I noticed that on Neil Oliver’s twitter he is described as an “International man of history”. After your adventure abroad with the Hoard… yep, I’d say you were an International man of history yourself… not sure that’s an improvement over Portladian hipster but… if the shoe fits… (not sure why my profile Pict – pun intended – isn’t showing up mmmm) Maybe I jumped in here without logging in… LOVE the pod… Thanks!

  6. Dirty Danes? hehe

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