Hey!  Have you noticed that you don’t have any BHP stickers?  We have.  And your friends and family probably have too.   That look they share when they think you aren’t looking… You know what that means, don’t you?  It’s quiet judgment at your lack of stickers.

And frankly, they’re right to judge you.  I mean, just look at these #*&@ing things!  Seriously, just bask in their grandeur!

They’re pretty great aren’t they?

And here’s the thing.  They also look great on your iPhone.  In fact, we had a team of scientists carry out a study and if you sport one of these badboys on the back of your iPhone you are more likely to… well, I don’t want to spoil it.  But you’ll be pretty happy with the result.

So how do you get BHP stickers?  Contact me at and let me know how many stickers you would like. They’re $1.50 each (US only) and you can pay for them using the PayPal donation button on the right.

And here’s a photo of what a sticker looks like on the back of an iPhone.