116 – Wait… Where Are We? Part Two

This is a recap of the last approximately two years of episodes and history! For Part One (covering the first year of the show) check out “Episode 42 – Wait… Where Are We?” Here’s a direct link: Since we did the last recap, a ton of stuff has happened and we’ve really gotten to know these people rather well.… Read more →


115 – Maserfield: Blood Makes The Grass Grow

Edwin, Osric, Eanfrith, Eadfrith, Cadwallon, Sigeberht, Ecgric… Following Hatfield Chase, we have seen a blood letting of the aristocracy of Anglo Saxon Britain of epic proportions. And we are only hearing about the very highest echelons… but how many Thegns, AEthlings, and minor nobles have also lost their lives in these power struggles? If the life of Edwin is indicative… Read more →


112 – The Battle of Heavenfield

Edwin was dead… Eanfrith was dead… Only Osric, Oswald, and Oswiu were left to stand against King Cadwallon and his Welsh army. Everything was coming to a head… and at the Battle of Heavenfield, the future of Northumbria would be decided. —- The year was 633 or 634, and the tide was turning against Northumbria for the first time in… Read more →

111 – Edwin: What Goes Around Comes Around

That’s something I’ve heard my entire life. When I was younger and picked on at school my father would sometimes say “Don’t worry, Jamie, what goes around comes around.” The problem with that bit of advice is that it requires a sense of fairness in the world that isn’t always there… not to mention a tremendous amount of patience that… Read more →


109 – Edwin’s Ambitions

When we last left Edwin, Bishop Paulinus finally had his prize.  He convinced the great King of Northumbria… the Bretwalda!… Edwin…  to abandon his gods and convert to Christianity.  It had been a long hard road for the Bishop.  Failed assassinations, war, marriage, magical visions, and some pretty astoundingly rude arguments regarding the weather had all been brought to bear… Read more →


108 – The Christmas Special

Ever since I was a kid in Catholic school, I’ve been somewhat fascinated by the date of Christmas.  I often wondered where it came from, given that it doesn’t appear anywhere in the Bible, and (as the feast is celebrating the birth of Jesus) it seemed rather odd to set the date so close to midwinter given the fact that… Read more →